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In Metropolitan New York and New Jersey

AbsolutAire Direct-fired systems for make-up air, heating & ventilating
Airtherm, a Mestek Company Unit heaters, convectors, fan coil units, coils, heating, ventilating & air handling units
CHARTER PLASTICS Polethylene, 1"-24", HD-PE pipe for potable water wells, oil & gas, sanitary sewers, geothermal, reclaimed water, industrial & irrigation applications
CRETE-HEAT Insulated Floor Panel System - Assembled modular board insulation, vapor barrier & radiant tube holding grid
heatfab Positive pressure stainless steel venting systems & chimney liners

ICE, Industrial Commerical Equipment Manufacturing, LTD. Heating, ventilating and makeup air -- oil, gas & electric. Custom-built units with cooling & heat recovery
JJM Boiler Works - PH Neutralizing Tubes & Tanks Specializing in condensate neutralizers for high-efficiency boilers, hot water heaters, furnances, stack economizers, and stack drains
Mars Air Systems, atmosphere is everything Air Doors (curtains)
Ouellet Electric Heating Electric Space Heating Systems
Ouellet Electric Heating Polypropylene ½"-12" PP-R/PP-RCT corrosion resistant pressure piping systems for hot & cold potable water, food processing, hydronics, geothermal, industrial, compressed air, rain water collection, gray & reclaimed water
REZNOR Gas, oil, steam & hydronic unit heaters, heating, cooling, ventilating & make-up air units, energy recovery, hi & low intensity infrared heaters
Selkirk, Commerical and Industrial Stainless Steel Double Wall Positive Pressure Modular Pipe Systems, Zero Clearance Grease Ducts
UltraFlo Logo Hands free sensored faucets utilizing one pipe systems for commercial applications
Watts Radiant Floor Heating & Snowmelting Radiant floor heating systems and snow-melting
Watts Water Technology Water Pex and Quick Connect Plumbing Products
Slant/Fin Commercial Fin-Tube radiation and Caravan modular boilers/Commercial boiler projects
Triangle Tube Indirect domestic water heaters, brazed plate and plate & frame heat exchangers

Exclusively in New Jersey

AERCO International High efficiency gas fired hot water heaters & boilers
Armstrong Fluid Technology Logo Commercial pumps, controls, CBV's, FTV's and suction guides, domestic & wastewater, residential & light commercial hydronics, heat exchangers, air & expansion controls   
BEECO, distributed by MIFAB
Erie Motorized zone valves, damper actuators, thermostats, boiler controls, switching relays
Holby Valve Tempering & mixing valves
Laars Heating Systems Logo Commercial copper finned volume water heaters, boilers, swimming pool heaters, indoor and outdoor, and storage tanks
MIFAB Plumbing & drainage products, access doors, commercial wall hydrants,no-hub couplings, grease interceptors, roof pipe supports

Macon Controls Valves, electric & non-electric operators, one-pipe steam controls
Slant/Fin Modular commercial and residential hot water and steam boilers, commercial heaters, complete line of residential & commercial radiation
Sussman Electric Boilers Logo Electric steam and hot water boilers for industrial, commercial, and specialized applications
tekmar Control Systems Indoor/outdoor modulating controls and valves
Unilux Bent "water tube" boilers -- 100 HP to 7,500 HP