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Phone 973-777-6700
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NY Toll Free Phone: 877-615-6700
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Management Chris Phelan Co-President & Principal Ext. 1870
  Tom Loder Co-President & Principal Ext. 1880
  Dave Parker Director, Inside Sales & Tech Support Ext. 1860
  Bob Coleman Director of Business Operations Ext. 1883
Inside Sales & Tech Support    
  Helen Heizler Sales Representative Ext. 1862
  Steve Falotico Sales Representative Ext. 1882
  Noelle Rutowski Sales Administrator Ext. 1868
Engineering Sales      
  Ross Preseault Senior Engineer Ext. 1871
  John Gardenier Senior Estimator Ext. 1873
  Michael Apricena Technical Product Manager Ext. 1878
  Carlos Batista Engineered Product Specialist Ext. 1896
Wholesale Sales      
  Jim Howe Senior Account Manager Ext. 1881
  Michael Hajek Commercial Sales Territory Manager Ext. 1891
  Heather Simon Account Manager Ext. 1874
  Victor Cardenas Account Manager Ext. 1861
  Rickie Johnson Account Manager Ext. 1867
Support Staff      
  Toni Kuhles Receptionist Ext. 1869
  Mary Loder Marketing & IT Administrator Ext. 1865
  Cristina Enriquez Accounts Payable Ext. 1892
  Shirley Casiano Accounts Receivable Ext. 1893
  Annette Frano Accounting Ext. 1894
  Roxanne Atieh Accounting/Returns Ext. 1895
  Angelo Parisi Warehouse Supervisor Ext. 1864


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